Pic Pic et André

Vincent Patar and Stéphane Aubier (1995)


Pic Pic tries to listen music in his gramophone, but the needle isn’t working. The pig will look for a crazy and stupid solution to his problem. That’s one of the episodes from the animated series of the adventures of the magic pig Pic Pic and the evil horse André.

Stéphane Aubier (1964) and Vincent Patar (1965), filmmakers and screenwriters, met at Cambre Art School of Brussels in 1985 where they created their mythic characters: Pic Pic and André. Thanks to their first short films they were already selected and awarded in some festivals as Annecy Festival or Anima Festival of Brussels in 1989. In 1995 the Pic Pic and André episodes were back and they produced several sequels. After this project, they took back an idea they had in the art school. It consisted in animated toys with stop-motion technique. “Panique au village” also gained a big popularity and reviews. In 2013 they both collaborated with Benjamin Renner to direct the awarded movie “Ernest and Celestine”. The feature film got three awards Magritte, included Best Movie and Best Director. It also was nominated for the Oscars in Best Animated Movie category.

Pic Pic et André

V. Patar i S. Aubler ()



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