Tant the forêts

Burcu Sankur and Geoffrey Godet (2014)


A forest full of life that feeds a paper factory that produces newspapers to talk about color and life. Paradoxically, deforestation is used to make paper where the dangers of deforestation are explained.

Burku Sankur and Geoffrey Godet, both graduates at Supinfocom 2013, started to create small projects together during their studies. Burcu, is passionate about illustration and design, and Geoffrey, is fascinated by 3D animation and the technical aspect. Immediately after leaving art school they directed the short animation film Tanto de Forêts, as part of a Jacques Prévert collection that was broadcast on France 3. He won the cycle in the television film category of the Annecy Festival 2014. Now they work and live in Paris, and they make animations and graphic design with this detailed and colorful style with both 3D and 2D.


Tant the forêts

Burcu Sankur i Geoffrey Godet (2014)



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