+3 SELECTION / Double ration of adventures


The First Step

Tsuneo Goda (2008)

A sunny day, Komaneko decided to do a stop motion film. It writes the storyboards, makes teddies and draws cover arts. And when it is ready, Komaneko starts to shoot his movie with his beautiful 8 mm camera, checking every screenshot. But suddenly, a nasty fly interrupts its work. Will Komaneko finish its project? Tsuneo […]

Kolybeln Chukotskaya (The Chukchi Lullaby)

Yelizaveta Skvotsova (2007)

This is one of the pieces of that compose the lullaby songs collection “Lullabies of the world”, an animated series about lullabies from cultures from different parts of the planet, sung in their original language. Settled in the indigenous chukchis tribe from the Russian east. A mother and a father have already tried everything to […]

Entre Ciel et Mer (Contes Celestes)

D. Gautier & I. Iborra (2005)

The moon is quiet looking at the calm sea and the horizon is relaxed in the nocturnal landscape.But peace is not going to last forever, the human being is going to let his paw print of civilization. What the moon is going to do to face the invasion? Irene Iborra and David Gautier also did […]


Terranova, Poretti, Zappalà & Bianco (2008)

The miracle of birth is eternal. The creation of life exists everywhere, even in imagined ecosystems, in unknown galaxies, remote ages or futures still to live. Babau transport us through the music in a world where fantastic beings, based in creatures of Japanese tales, live together. Bianco, Porretti and Terranova were born in Turín and […]

The tiny fish

Sergei Ryabov (2007)

Inside a kid’s world, any small event can become an exciting and dangerous adventure. Even wonderful things like a drawn fish becoming real can happen. Sergei Ryabov was born in 1977 in Schelkovo, Russia. In 1995, he graduated at Moscow Art College and started his career as a jewellery artist. Shortly after, he studied at […]

An eye for Annai

Jonathan Klassen & Daniel Rodrigues (2012)

Annai is looking for the eye he is missing. He goes deep into the sea, on top of the mountains, between the bushes and the trees and in the feathers of birds. But he still can’t find his other eye. However, the best solution appears when the impatience disappear, when life flows and we learn […]

Ahco on the road

Soyeon Kim (2013)

The young Elephant Ahco gets into the jungle in a trip to go back home with his mother. As if it was an animated documentary, the travel of the animal discovers us the secrets of nature and the dangers and the poetry that they are hiding. There are no dialogues, just music. This way every […]

My mum is an aeroplane!

Yulya Aronova (2012)

The main character of this story is very proud of his mother. She is an aeroplane! They have a lot of amazing adventures together and do things that the rest of the kids can’t do with their mothers. But that’s not all. His father is also someone very special! Yulya Aronova was born in 1976. […]

Manolito’s dream

Txesco Montalt i Alla Kinda (2012)

A cloud that becomes a sheep, a wolf eating a lollipop, a fish wearing a hat and even dancing ghosts! All that is what appears in Manolito’s dream when the music composed by Jopep M. Baldomà “Baldo” starts to play. Alla Kinda is the studio created by Txesco Montalt and Mayte Sánchez, Manolito’s parents. They […]

Princesa china

Tomàs Bases (2015)

A siamese cat was a little girl in his passed life. And before that she was a Chinese princess and before a mother and before a lioness and before… The reincarnation circle transforms us throughout the times in all kind of beings. You get born and die to get born again. Tomás Bases was born […]


Uri Lotan (2014)

In an old and forgotten music box, a wooden doll is trapped in space and time. While the doll is walking in circles, around her, life is passing. Days become months and months become years. Official music video – Ma’agalim by Jane Bordeaux. “Ma’agalim” means “Circle” in Hebrew. Uri Lotan is an animation director currently settled in […]


Julia Ocker (2017)

A waiter penguin has it everything ready to make a perfect party. But sometimes it’s no possible to control everything. The more flawless we want the things to be, the more unexpected things happen. Maybe it’s just that control everything is not worth it. Julia Ocker is an animation director; designer and writer settle id […]

Krake (Octopus)

Julia Ocker (2015)

Octopus wants to bake a cake, a cake without chocolate. But its tentacles disagree and are going to rebel in order to change the recipe. But maybe, no one is going to expect what the final result is going to be. Julia Ocker is an animation director; designer and writer settle id Stuttgart. She was […]