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Deparis, Ripstein & Rius (2010)

What could happen if the gravity stopped working from up to down? Or what if it works randomly? Or even what if everything was a game where humans are the characters? Guillaume Plantevin is an illustrator specialized in pixel-art, Babette Design. He works for publicity, films and illustrated children books.  


Terranova, Poretti, Zappalà & Bianco (2008)

The miracle of birth is eternal. The creation of life exists everywhere, even in imagined ecosystems, in unknown galaxies, remote ages or futures still to live. Babau transport us through the music in a world where fantastic beings, based in creatures of Japanese tales, live together. Bianco, Porretti and Terranova were born in Turín and […]

Snejinka (Snowflake)

Natalia Chernysheva (2012)

A kid from an African village receives a letter. In it there’s a paper snowflake. The wishes of the kid become true and t whole landscape changes. Zebras, giraffes and monkeys are going to face the snow and the winter. Natalia Chernyshev was born in 1984 in Sverdlovsk, Russia. She graduated in graphic design and […]

An eye for Annai

Jonathan Klassen & Daniel Rodrigues (2012)

Annai is looking for the eye he is missing. He goes deep into the sea, on top of the mountains, between the bushes and the trees and in the feathers of birds. But he still can’t find his other eye. However, the best solution appears when the impatience disappear, when life flows and we learn […]

La queu de la souris (A mouse’s tale)

Benjamin Renner (2008)

The lion doesn’t need a lot of effort to catch the mouse. But the mouse is going to prove that cunning doesn’t have any relation with size. Benjamin Renner is young artist, animator and director with s solid audio-visual career. He got an international acclamation for his feature film “Ernest & Celestine”, based in the […]

El desafío a la muerte

Juan Pablo Zaramella (2001)

For the faquir Fahaki walk the embers or the cloves is not enough. He wants to challenge the laws of nature and get inside a blender. That maybe sounds crazy but physic laws are not the same in animation. Juan Pablo Zaramella proves it in his first short film. Juan Pablo Zaramella is a precocious […]


Grant Orchard (2011)

This is one of the short films that compose the series “LOVE SPORT”, created by Grand Orchard. In it appear some of the most popular sports as basketball, fencing, scuba diving or… even the domino! Dominoes are much more than pieces of colors in movement. The drawings that they can do are something out of […]

Jolly Rogers

Mark Baker (1997)

Two pirate crews, evil captain Jolly and the coward captain Roger, fight for a treasure in the middle of the sea. Born in London in 195’, Mark Baker is a recognized English animator author of films as “The Hill Farm (1988), The Village (1993) and “Jolly Roger” 1998. The most recent animation that made him […]

Panique au village

Stéphane Aubier i Vincent Patar (2003)

Toys get alive in this short episode part of a series. Cowboy and Indian fight for the cake their friend the Horse has baked. That’s just the beginning of a crazy adventure. As surreal as any kid’s imagination. Stéphane Aubier (1964) and Vincent Patar (1965), filmmakers and screenwriters, met at Cambre Art School of Brussels […]

Ma grand-mère repassait les chemises du roi

Torill Kove (2000)

Torill Kove’s grandmother used to tell him tales. One of them was about how she ironed the shirt of the king of Norway and how that became a secret action of the resistance against the Nazi invasion. The film mixes historical facts with imagination and humour to build a family myth. Torill Kove was born […]

Little Monkey

Delphine Dussoubs (2011)

A young monkey has to face and overcome the fire. The story is a metaphor of the fear of growing up in order to obtain the independence. Delphine Dussoubs did this short film as a final project at EMCA Angulema in 2011. She is an artistic director, animator and freelance illustrator settled in Paris and […]

Rabbit and deer

Péter Vácz (2010)

Rabbit and Deer live happily until their friendship is put to the test because of Deer new obsession: explore a new dimension. The characters discover that there’s a different reality beyond the 2D white paper where they live. Péter Vácz is an awarded animation director of Budapest, Hungary, born in 1988. He graduated at Mômes, […]

Golden age of insect aviation

Wayne Unten (2013)

In 1903, Olivia Wright was the first one to pilot a grasshopper. The plot of this short film is longer to explain than to watch. As a result of his boredom, Wayne Unten recorded a grasshopper with his mobile phone. Later on, he added the animation with TV Paint. This 10 seconds short film in […]


Guionne Leroy (1998)

Animation history has some jewels like this short film made in the late 90’s. The author, Guionne Leroy plays with the moulded paste to create an animated musical poem, with the music of Purcell King Arthur and based in the legend of king Arthur and the Excalibur sword. The king Arthur, creator of the knight’s […]

Rhapsodie pour un Pot-au-feu

Charlotte Cambon, Soizic Mouton,Stéphanie Mercier et Marion Roussel (2012)

Three generations live together under the same roof. Their coexistence is like a choreography, full of stress, humor and rampage. The family mother strives to reunite her family around the table, to eat the delicious recipe she cooked for them. That was the graduation project of Charlotte Cambon, Soizic Mouton, Stéphanie Mercier and Marion Roussel […]

Princesa china

Tomàs Bases (2015)

A siamese cat was a little girl in his passed life. And before that she was a Chinese princess and before a mother and before a lioness and before… The reincarnation circle transforms us throughout the times in all kind of beings. You get born and die to get born again. Tomás Bases was born […]


Patrick Schoenmaker (2015)

The obsession to win at “BINGO!” makes that an old lady to put upside down the residence where she lives. It’s a comic and intense adventure with old age as a main character. Patrick Schoenmaker is the author of this film that has achieved a lot of rewards. He is a character designer and animator. […]

Zeezucht (Jonas and the Sea)

Marlies van der Wel (2015)

There is just one place Jonas has been dreaming about it since he was a kid: the sea. Under the waves, with the fish, is the only place in the world that he feels as home. See the sea or swim in it isn’t enough for Jonas. He wants to be part of it. He […]

Land without evil

Katalin Egely (2017)

Film based in a Guaraní legend. The elements that compose nature coexist happily and without judgments. Animals, landscapes and plants form a unique being. Katalin Egely graduated in 2013 at University Moholy-Nagy of Art and Design of Budapest. Her studies from the beginning were focused in animation, but she got attracted for the spontaneous and […]


Julia Ocker (2015)

Wolf has a secret hobby. But a sassy goose discovers it and makes fun of him. Finally, both will leave their differences on a side to get along. Julia Ocker is an animation director; designer and writer settle id Stuttgart. She was born in 1992 in Pforzheim, Germany, and grown up in Black Forrest. Between […]

Spring jam

Ned Wenlock (2016)

At the end, everyone can contribute in its own way. A young stag wants to join the chorus, but the birds in his horns can’t sing. A tale about the necessity of being accepted and how the creativity can affront what’s homogeneous and considered “normal”. Ned Wenlock is an animator, illustrator and designer from New […]

Pic Pic et André

V. Patar i S. Aubler ()

Pic Pic tries to listen music in his gramophone, but the needle isn’t working. The pig will look for a crazy and stupid solution to his problem. That’s one of the episodes from the animated series of the adventures of the magic pig Pic Pic and the evil horse André. Stéphane Aubier (1964) and Vincent […]

Over the hill

Peter Baynton (2007)

It seems that live at Over the Hill residence is boring, quiet and monotonous. But something different and exciting is up to happen. Three old women are about to have an amazing adventure to discover the secret that the residence is hiding. Peter Baynton is an animator and film director, creator of the animation studio […]