MASTERPIECES SELECTION / Reverences to all times talents


Roof Sex

PES (2002)

Humor and eroticism live together to give sexual life to two seats An animation test brought to the maximum level. After watch this stop motion short film, no seat will look the same. Adam Pesapane is the creator of some of the stop motion films with more viewing of all times. Some of these are […]

Old Fangs

Adrien Merigeau (2010)

A young wolf travels, accompanied of two friends, to the forest where he passed his childhood. The more he go deep into the forest, the more intense are the emotions he has to face. His memories are deep as the scars that were originated with the relationship with his father, who hasn’t seen since he […]

Father and daughter

Michael Dudok de Wit (2012)

After the farewell, the father moves away from his daughter in a boat to the horizon. The desire, the wait and the longing, endure over time as the landscape, until the life goes to its end. The daughter continues looking at the sea while she becomes a teenager, a woman, a mother and later on […]

Jolly Rogers

Mark Baker (1997)

Two pirate crews, evil captain Jolly and the coward captain Roger, fight for a treasure in the middle of the sea. Born in London in 195’, Mark Baker is a recognized English animator author of films as “The Hill Farm (1988), The Village (1993) and “Jolly Roger” 1998. The most recent animation that made him […]

Ma grand-mère repassait les chemises du roi

Torill Kove (2000)

Torill Kove’s grandmother used to tell him tales. One of them was about how she ironed the shirt of the king of Norway and how that became a secret action of the resistance against the Nazi invasion. The film mixes historical facts with imagination and humour to build a family myth. Torill Kove was born […]

Slavonic Dance num 7 (Allegro non troppo)

Bruno Bozzetto (1976)

A lonely man is always being copied for the rest. Despite that, he always tries to be more original than them. The revenge that he plans makes visible the human capacity to repeat attitudes without any criticism. Slavonic dance number 7 is one of the six parts that the full film “Allegro non Troppo” is […]

A morning stroll

Grant Orchard (2011)

The morning walk of a chicken in the centre of a big city serves as thread for this triple exercise of popular customs and science fiction. Three short films in one with three different technics, from black & white minimalist till 3D animation. The three scenes tell three different forms of exist with half a […]


Thomas Bourdis, Martin de Coudenhove, CarolineDomergue, Colin Laubry i Florian Vecchione (2013)

Two climbers from the beginning of the XX century try to transport the statue of a virgin to the top of a mountain. The care they put in the animation of this short film and its astonishing landscapes may make seem that the story is dramatic and sad, but the project goes much further than […]

Rabbit and deer

Péter Vácz (2010)

Rabbit and Deer live happily until their friendship is put to the test because of Deer new obsession: explore a new dimension. The characters discover that there’s a different reality beyond the 2D white paper where they live. Péter Vácz is an awarded animation director of Budapest, Hungary, born in 1988. He graduated at Mômes, […]


Guionne Leroy (1998)

Animation history has some jewels like this short film made in the late 90’s. The author, Guionne Leroy plays with the moulded paste to create an animated musical poem, with the music of Purcell King Arthur and based in the legend of king Arthur and the Excalibur sword. The king Arthur, creator of the knight’s […]

Zeezucht (Jonas and the Sea)

Marlies van der Wel (2015)

There is just one place Jonas has been dreaming about it since he was a kid: the sea. Under the waves, with the fish, is the only place in the world that he feels as home. See the sea or swim in it isn’t enough for Jonas. He wants to be part of it. He […]

Pic Pic et André

V. Patar i S. Aubler ()

Pic Pic tries to listen music in his gramophone, but the needle isn’t working. The pig will look for a crazy and stupid solution to his problem. That’s one of the episodes from the animated series of the adventures of the magic pig Pic Pic and the evil horse André. Stéphane Aubier (1964) and Vincent […]

Choir tour

Edmunds Jansons (2012)

An excited children choir in a hotel and their desperate director trying to control them. A musical persecution that experience with colors, forms and the illustration, while the soundtrack composed by Girts Biss its playing. 4 minutes full of sensorial explosion that convinced the jury of festivals as Animafest of Zagreb, the animation international festival […]