DOCUMENTAL SELECTION / Talking about reality through animation


El viaje de Maria

Miguel Gallardo (2010)

A trip to the inner world of an autistic teenager. A trip full of color, love and creativity that starts with a mother and a father in full disorientation at the special behavior of his daughter. In this short film produced by La Fundación Orange, the animation gets the tenderness of a father that explains […]

The Centrifuge Brain Project

Till Nowak (2011)

Dr Nick Laslowicz talks about the discovery of how roller coasters increase the creativity in children. He analyses the research of the centrifugal force on the development to expand the human mind. The institute of Centrifugal research officially doubts about the accepted physic laws and develops human mental endurance tests disguised as fun. Prototypes, studies, […]


Aleix Saló (2012)

Satire and animation are put to the service of social and political protest to tell, through humour, Spanish economical crisis, the bursting of the real estate bubble and the operation of banking mixed with the culture of football. Aleix Saló was born in Ripollet in 1983 and although he studied Architecture his career has derived […]

Los hijos del Ayllu

PDA / Natalia Pérez I Mario Torrecillas. (2014)

Documentary that tells the story of Flor Margarita, Flor María, Lisbeth and Jose, but at same time of the million of kids around the world that have the obligation to alternate the studies with jobs as housekeeping, taking care of their brothers, their properties or even they end doing some adult jobs. In collaboration with […]

Haiti – Tablo A

PDA/Mario Torrecillas (2015)

Adline loves playing football, but she just can use a plastic bottle as a ball. “Tablo” is a documental short film realized by 40 children from refugee camps of Onaville, Haití, from a workshop commissioned by Intermon Oxfam. A team of animators of PDA Films, directed for Mario Torrecillas, visited Coraille-Cesselesse school, near Puerto del […]