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U900 – Twist and Shout

Yosuke Kihara (2010)

Behind U900 duo there is an unknown story. Rabbit U wanted to be a guitar hero but guitars were too big for his body and he had to give up his dream. On his way to Hawaii, he found a ukulele and decided to start playing. When he was back to Japan, he met a […]


Malcolm Sutherland (2010)

An adventure explorer discovers how his shadow generates a terrible attraction in other specimens. The shadow will become kind of a black hole that attracts everything around it. Malcolm Sutherland is a director and animator to Quebec. He discovered the world of animation when he studied printing at the Alberta College of Art and Design […]


Bichard & Cunningham (2010)

The human being arrives to Mars ready to collonialize another planet. “Mars” is a short film with a satirical look at humanity and with a strong message in defense of the environment. Joe Bichard is an animation director, designer and writer based in London. He studied at Kingston University and at the Royal College of […]


Zeidguised (2008)

This short film consist in a surrealist installation composed for six acts. Human organs, inert geometric spaces, limits and angles that dance and transform into amazing abstract images. Visual experiments without apparent meaning that invite an intense and powerful audiovisual experience. Zeitguised is a multidisciplinary study of art and design that focuses on experimental. Jamie […]


Eric Leiser (2009)

Nature is a unique creative genius. An inexhaustible source of causes, forms and laws. A provocative inspiration for many artists obsessed in reinvent it or recompose it. In some cases, like Eric Leiser’s, nature becomes mysterious and primitive. Forces and strange beings populate this hypnotic and disturbing forest. Eric Leiser is a versatile artist who […]

Illuminant by Efterklang

Tobias Stretch (2008)

Music video of Tobias Stretch about the song “illuminant” by Efterkalng. A psychedelic musical trip through a nature full of surrealist characters, that transports us to the oniric world of the author. Tobias goes out he work studio to give live what is inert and create unique characters in the real world. He makes of […]


Patrick Jean (2010)

The retro video games and its pixelated characters, invade the Earth. The real world faces the virtual world that homogenizes it all. At the end the world is not going to be much more than a cubic pixel. So back are left the curves and unexpected shapes. After years working as a designer for the […]

The Centrifuge Brain Project

Till Nowak (2011)

Dr Nick Laslowicz talks about the discovery of how roller coasters increase the creativity in children. He analyses the research of the centrifugal force on the development to expand the human mind. The institute of Centrifugal research officially doubts about the accepted physic laws and develops human mental endurance tests disguised as fun. Prototypes, studies, […]


Julian Grey (2006)

The way to the oblivion is full of forgotten names, of objects that erase from the memory and of knowledge that becomes unknown. It is inevitable. The verses of the popular American poet Billy Collins, that recites his own work, gets alive in this animated poem that experiments with a narrative form that gives at […]

The Spider

Juan Delcan (2010)

Through a simple but surprising animation, this poem written by Gabor Barabas goes deep into the human being cycle in just 3 minutes. Inspired in the art of the sculptor Louise Bourgeois (known for her huge spiders), “The Spider” shows the contradictions of life: love and death, beauty and indifference. Juan Delcan was born in […]

My first crush

Julia Pott (2007)

First love experience is not difficult to forget. The Animals represent some real stories in a humoristic way, even if some of them are a bit dramatic. A short film based on real stories but with a surrealist and experimental approach. The short film has won prizes as Lunafest Filmmaker in 2008 and the prize […]


Grant Orchard (2011)

This is one of the short films that compose the series “LOVE SPORT”, created by Grand Orchard. In it appear some of the most popular sports as basketball, fencing, scuba diving or… even the domino! Dominoes are much more than pieces of colors in movement. The drawings that they can do are something out of […]

Panique au village

Stéphane Aubier i Vincent Patar (2003)

Toys get alive in this short episode part of a series. Cowboy and Indian fight for the cake their friend the Horse has baked. That’s just the beginning of a crazy adventure. As surreal as any kid’s imagination. Stéphane Aubier (1964) and Vincent Patar (1965), filmmakers and screenwriters, met at Cambre Art School of Brussels […]

A morning stroll

Grant Orchard (2011)

The morning walk of a chicken in the centre of a big city serves as thread for this triple exercise of popular customs and science fiction. Three short films in one with three different technics, from black & white minimalist till 3D animation. The three scenes tell three different forms of exist with half a […]

Rabbit and deer

Péter Vácz (2010)

Rabbit and Deer live happily until their friendship is put to the test because of Deer new obsession: explore a new dimension. The characters discover that there’s a different reality beyond the 2D white paper where they live. Péter Vácz is an awarded animation director of Budapest, Hungary, born in 1988. He graduated at Mômes, […]

Golden age of insect aviation

Wayne Unten (2013)

In 1903, Olivia Wright was the first one to pilot a grasshopper. The plot of this short film is longer to explain than to watch. As a result of his boredom, Wayne Unten recorded a grasshopper with his mobile phone. Later on, he added the animation with TV Paint. This 10 seconds short film in […]

La Traviata

Guionne Leroy (1998)

A wonderful celebration starts around the cake. Sweets, creams, little breads, cocktails and truffles participate transforming a cake without decoration to a precious gift. Everything while “No Siamo Zingarelle, Scene X of the second act of the Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi, is playing. The short film is an extraction of the film “L’Opéra Imaginaire”, coordinated […]

War photographer

Joel Trussell (2005)

Music as a weapon seems like an ingenious solution against war, conflicts and the relation that USA has with fire guns. Songs from popular bands can be used to torture, invade and attack the souls and feelings of our enemies. Joel Trussell is a director and artist settled in Los Angeles, California. Currently he is […]


Gil Alkabetz (1995)

The short film researches into the case of Jakob L. (Yankale), an administrative that one-day arrives late at work.During the 8 minutes of film, we discover more things about his live, childhood, and especially about his oppressor mother. An abyss between our desires and our obligations. Israeli animator Gil Alkabetz, has an impressive catalogue of […]


Mirai Mizue (2014)

Artistic short film made in 24 hand drawings per second, in which the image flows through the music and its melody. The mix of the forms, the background and the colors, generate an almost psychedelic experience. MIRAI FILM is the motion picture design studio founded by the director, animator, illustrator and designer Mirai Mizue. The […]

Princesa china

Tomàs Bases (2015)

A siamese cat was a little girl in his passed life. And before that she was a Chinese princess and before a mother and before a lioness and before… The reincarnation circle transforms us throughout the times in all kind of beings. You get born and die to get born again. Tomás Bases was born […]

A brief history of Time

CraveFX (2015)

No more than 2 minutes of animation is what the author needs it to theorize about time and space relativity. A humor performance constructed with actions and reactions in an infinite cycle. Past, present and future are connected in the same space, without a clear start o an end. Neither a clear logic! Things happen […]

Not mine

Guy Trefler (2014)

“Not Mine” is a hypnotic and amazing short film. The author collected all kind of icons of pop culture to play with them. Made with 469 pictures taken from the Internet: From Rolling Stones logo, till Lego toys and Apple logo. The author chose a perfect soundtrack and used the perfect time length. Guy Trefler […]