SELECTION / Small cartoons for the adults


Roof Sex

PES (2002)

Humor and eroticism live together to give sexual life to two seats An animation test brought to the maximum level. After watch this stop motion short film, no seat will look the same. Adam Pesapane is the creator of some of the stop motion films with more viewing of all times. Some of these are […]

Old Fangs

Adrien Merigeau (2010)

A young wolf travels, accompanied of two friends, to the forest where he passed his childhood. The more he go deep into the forest, the more intense are the emotions he has to face. His memories are deep as the scars that were originated with the relationship with his father, who hasn’t seen since he […]


Malcolm Sutherland (2010)

An adventure explorer discovers how his shadow generates a terrible attraction in other specimens. The shadow will become kind of a black hole that attracts everything around it. Malcolm Sutherland is a director and animator to Quebec. He discovered the world of animation when he studied printing at the Alberta College of Art and Design […]

Illuminant by Efterklang

Tobias Stretch (2008)

Music video of Tobias Stretch about the song “illuminant” by Efterkalng. A psychedelic musical trip through a nature full of surrealist characters, that transports us to the oniric world of the author. Tobias goes out he work studio to give live what is inert and create unique characters in the real world. He makes of […]

Bendito Machine IV (Fuel the machines)

Jossie Malis (2011)

Fuel is a material that can be burned to create heat or energy, such as coal, wood, oil or gas. Fuel is also something that maintains, encourages or stimulates. This short film, the fourth of the saga, focuses on the need to find fuel as an absolute priority. “Bendito Machine” is a series about innocent […]

Father and daughter

Michael Dudok de Wit (2012)

After the farewell, the father moves away from his daughter in a boat to the horizon. The desire, the wait and the longing, endure over time as the landscape, until the life goes to its end. The daughter continues looking at the sea while she becomes a teenager, a woman, a mother and later on […]


Julian Grey (2006)

The way to the oblivion is full of forgotten names, of objects that erase from the memory and of knowledge that becomes unknown. It is inevitable. The verses of the popular American poet Billy Collins, that recites his own work, gets alive in this animated poem that experiments with a narrative form that gives at […]


Soulmagnon, Beneti, Eballard i Chaillet (2008)

Gary is in love with a red hair, a blue look, a perfect smile… But she just sees him as a child and not as a man. Although Gary’s heart is still the heart of a child, beats with strength. He is not yet a man yet, but he is very sure about facing his […]

My first crush

Julia Pott (2007)

First love experience is not difficult to forget. The Animals represent some real stories in a humoristic way, even if some of them are a bit dramatic. A short film based on real stories but with a surrealist and experimental approach. The short film has won prizes as Lunafest Filmmaker in 2008 and the prize […]

Un jour

Marie Paccou (1998)

Starting from the confusion of the filmmaker’s childhood about the topic of sex. This short film talks about emotional tale of a woman who one day wakes up with a man in the middle of her abdomen and with whom she has to live inevitably. A metaphor about the multiple readings of a relationship. Born […]

Slavonic Dance num 7 (Allegro non troppo)

Bruno Bozzetto (1976)

A lonely man is always being copied for the rest. Despite that, he always tries to be more original than them. The revenge that he plans makes visible the human capacity to repeat attitudes without any criticism. Slavonic dance number 7 is one of the six parts that the full film “Allegro non Troppo” is […]

Le taxidermiste

Antoine Robert, Dorianne Fibleuil, Paulin Cointot i MaudSertour (2011)

After the death of a taxidermist, his wife decides to make him a final tribute. Together with the funeral team, they will fulfill the last wishes of the deceased. A dose full of black humor with a disturbing and at the same time attractive atmosphere. Antoine Robert, Dorianne Fibleuil, Paulin Cointot and Maud Sertour created […]

A morning stroll

Grant Orchard (2011)

The morning walk of a chicken in the centre of a big city serves as thread for this triple exercise of popular customs and science fiction. Three short films in one with three different technics, from black & white minimalist till 3D animation. The three scenes tell three different forms of exist with half a […]


Aleix Saló (2012)

Satire and animation are put to the service of social and political protest to tell, through humour, Spanish economical crisis, the bursting of the real estate bubble and the operation of banking mixed with the culture of football. Aleix Saló was born in Ripollet in 1983 and although he studied Architecture his career has derived […]

War photographer

Joel Trussell (2005)

Music as a weapon seems like an ingenious solution against war, conflicts and the relation that USA has with fire guns. Songs from popular bands can be used to torture, invade and attack the souls and feelings of our enemies. Joel Trussell is a director and artist settled in Los Angeles, California. Currently he is […]


Gil Alkabetz (1995)

The short film researches into the case of Jakob L. (Yankale), an administrative that one-day arrives late at work.During the 8 minutes of film, we discover more things about his live, childhood, and especially about his oppressor mother. An abyss between our desires and our obligations. Israeli animator Gil Alkabetz, has an impressive catalogue of […]

Air Vif

Pierre Grillère (2017)

The memories of a love story, the distance and the despair of waiting… All these feeling are fragile, despite they endure in time and distance. They can break and hurt … But nothing is forever, as hope, they can be repaired. This short film is part of the film “Liberté”, a poetic exercise made by […]

A brief history of Time

CraveFX (2015)

No more than 2 minutes of animation is what the author needs it to theorize about time and space relativity. A humor performance constructed with actions and reactions in an infinite cycle. Past, present and future are connected in the same space, without a clear start o an end. Neither a clear logic! Things happen […]

The dead

Juan Delcan (2006)

Billy Collins, one of the most successful and best-selling poets in the United States, reads his poem “The Dead”, which is animated by Juan Delcan. The dead look at us in the most daily gestures. They observe us even when we close our eyes. Juan Delcan was born in Madrid, she studied architecture and fine […]