POETRY SELECTION / For those who know the rhythm of life



Péter Vácz (2010)

A young girl travels from a small stream to the sea. It’s a metaphor of what growing up means. This short film it has been inspired in a Hungarian poem. Péter Vácz is an awarded animation director of Budapest, Hungary, born in 1988. He graduated at Mômes, University of Art and Design of Moholy-Nagy with […]


Julian Grey (2006)

The way to the oblivion is full of forgotten names, of objects that erase from the memory and of knowledge that becomes unknown. It is inevitable. The verses of the popular American poet Billy Collins, that recites his own work, gets alive in this animated poem that experiments with a narrative form that gives at […]

The Spider

Juan Delcan (2010)

Through a simple but surprising animation, this poem written by Gabor Barabas goes deep into the human being cycle in just 3 minutes. Inspired in the art of the sculptor Louise Bourgeois (known for her huge spiders), “The Spider” shows the contradictions of life: love and death, beauty and indifference. Juan Delcan was born in […]


Guionne Leroy (1998)

Animation history has some jewels like this short film made in the late 90’s. The author, Guionne Leroy plays with the moulded paste to create an animated musical poem, with the music of Purcell King Arthur and based in the legend of king Arthur and the Excalibur sword. The king Arthur, creator of the knight’s […]

Air Vif

Pierre Grillère (2017)

The memories of a love story, the distance and the despair of waiting… All these feeling are fragile, despite they endure in time and distance. They can break and hurt … But nothing is forever, as hope, they can be repaired. This short film is part of the film “Liberté”, a poetic exercise made by […]

The dead

Juan Delcan (2006)

Billy Collins, one of the most successful and best-selling poets in the United States, reads his poem “The Dead”, which is animated by Juan Delcan. The dead look at us in the most daily gestures. They observe us even when we close our eyes. Juan Delcan was born in Madrid, she studied architecture and fine […]