PUCK TOUR / The most acclaimed of PUCK history


Roof Sex

PES (2002)

Humor and eroticism live together to give sexual life to two seats An animation test brought to the maximum level. After watch this stop motion short film, no seat will look the same. Adam Pesapane is the creator of some of the stop motion films with more viewing of all times. Some of these are […]


Deparis, Ripstein & Rius (2010)

What could happen if the gravity stopped working from up to down? Or what if it works randomly? Or even what if everything was a game where humans are the characters? Guillaume Plantevin is an illustrator specialized in pixel-art, Babette Design. He works for publicity, films and illustrated children books.  


Kirsten Lepore (2010)

Aquests escenaris naturals són ara els decorats més atractius que un es pot imaginar.


Patrick Jean (2010)

The retro video games and its pixelated characters, invade the Earth. The real world faces the virtual world that homogenizes it all. At the end the world is not going to be much more than a cubic pixel. So back are left the curves and unexpected shapes. After years working as a designer for the […]

The tiny fish

Sergei Ryabov (2007)

Inside a kid’s world, any small event can become an exciting and dangerous adventure. Even wonderful things like a drawn fish becoming real can happen. Sergei Ryabov was born in 1977 in Schelkovo, Russia. In 1995, he graduated at Moscow Art College and started his career as a jewellery artist. Shortly after, he studied at […]

Snejinka (Snowflake)

Natalia Chernysheva (2012)

A kid from an African village receives a letter. In it there’s a paper snowflake. The wishes of the kid become true and t whole landscape changes. Zebras, giraffes and monkeys are going to face the snow and the winter. Natalia Chernyshev was born in 1984 in Sverdlovsk, Russia. She graduated in graphic design and […]

Bendito Machine IV (Fuel the machines)

Jossie Malis (2011)

Fuel is a material that can be burned to create heat or energy, such as coal, wood, oil or gas. Fuel is also something that maintains, encourages or stimulates. This short film, the fourth of the saga, focuses on the need to find fuel as an absolute priority. “Bendito Machine” is a series about innocent […]

KJFG num 5

Alexey Alexeev (2008)

A huge bear, a white rabbit and an excited wolf form a musical band that plays in the forest. A baffling title, a simple argument and a crazy sense of humor. Alexey Alexeev created these two minutes of animation to have fun, without a clear moral message and without fear of incomprehension. Alexei Alexeev is […]

The moustache

Anni Oja (2015)

In this city, men’s mustaches are a very serious topic. Two men will meet in a duel to discover, once and for all, who is who has the most formidable mustache. The city is too small for both. There’s no enough space for two mustaches. Anni Oja graduated at Turku Arts Academy in Finland. His […]

An eye for Annai

Jonathan Klassen & Daniel Rodrigues (2012)

Annai is looking for the eye he is missing. He goes deep into the sea, on top of the mountains, between the bushes and the trees and in the feathers of birds. But he still can’t find his other eye. However, the best solution appears when the impatience disappear, when life flows and we learn […]


Péter Vácz (2010)

A young girl travels from a small stream to the sea. It’s a metaphor of what growing up means. This short film it has been inspired in a Hungarian poem. Péter Vácz is an awarded animation director of Budapest, Hungary, born in 1988. He graduated at Mômes, University of Art and Design of Moholy-Nagy with […]

The Centrifuge Brain Project

Till Nowak (2011)

Dr Nick Laslowicz talks about the discovery of how roller coasters increase the creativity in children. He analyses the research of the centrifugal force on the development to expand the human mind. The institute of Centrifugal research officially doubts about the accepted physic laws and develops human mental endurance tests disguised as fun. Prototypes, studies, […]

La Traviata

Guionne Leroy (1998)

A wonderful celebration starts around the cake. Sweets, creams, little breads, cocktails and truffles participate transforming a cake without decoration to a precious gift. Everything while “No Siamo Zingarelle, Scene X of the second act of the Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi, is playing. The short film is an extraction of the film “L’Opéra Imaginaire”, coordinated […]