Small big movies that you won't see on TV

Our selection

Come in! Come in! You, cartoon lovers, of the illustrations with soul, of the animated stories. Luck is on you! You have found a cave where you will discover films that you won’t find easily on the TV. These films are really short, as small as our PUCK caravan. Despite that, they are as special and huge as the experience you can live inside tiny itinerant room with wheels.

Here you can experience the magic creation of some animator artists from around the world.
Our purpose is to give you the opportunity to discover small big treasures.
We have short films for everyone! It doesn’t matter if you are an astronaut, a polar bear or a forest elf. If you have tickles in your feet, if you laugh like a giraffe or even if you a cheesecake lover.
Don’t worry! You are also going to find recommendations for you.
Open well your ears, your heart and eyes. Your PUCK session is about to start.


+0 SELECTION / Astonishing tenderness

Stories full of an astonishing tenderness. There are gestures more innocent and sincere than this? This selection, especially created for children, makes adults also smile and live their childhood once more. A kind animation full of color, music, tenderness and messages that connect directly with the heart. Share the beat!

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+3 SELECTION / Double ration of adventures

We laugh, we get excited and we ask ourselves. The curious mind and soul discover new worlds, unusual characters and special creatures. In this table, shared with the funniest dreams, magic is always invited. If you join us, prepare to live the best adventures.

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+6 SELECTION / For open minds full of qüestions

There are never definitive answers, nor questions with a clear end. But there is always new ways to explore and more people to know. If you feel like having fun, listening different stories and getting more questions, you should squeeze this session like if it was your life.

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ALL PUBLICS SELECTION / To see with your mother, father, aunt and even with your grandpa

Chill on the couch, you will not get up until the session is over. That is a selection of short films to see with everyone: daughters, parents, godmothers and uncles. Also with your neighbor and even with that sparrow that is flying in the sky. The magic of stories is that they can talk about everything: adventures, life, death, joys, sorrows, about incredible characters and even about every single one of us.

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DOCUMENTAL SELECTION / Talking about reality through animation

Should animation always be fantasy? Does reality fit with imagination? Documentary language has also been applied to animation and the results are more than surprising. If what you are looking for is a genre to discover realities without renouncing creativity, this selection is perfect for you.

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PUCK TOUR / The most acclaimed of PUCK history

Tenderness, action, madness, music, depth, simplicity… Animation can create a lot of different worlds and we have visited all of them in the small caravan through 10 years. This selection is like a gift. We have chosen the 17 short films most loved for the public and us. Cheers for the magic of animation!

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SELECTION / Small cartoons for the adults

Cartoons also can speak in adult language. Stories that overcome the innocence, that talk about sex and that communicate in absurd key. Adults, there is also animation short films for all of you, you don't have excuses!

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