Two experiences to live animation cinema and street arts in an unusual way

Our proposals

PUCK Cinema Caravana can bring the most special animated cinema to every corner of the world. It combines street art and cinema in a unique experience: it allows you to enjoy small great audiovisual works for a few moments in an environment that makes us dream.

The PUCK experience is available to enjoy in two formats: PUCK Cinema Caravana and PUCK and the troupe. Both proposals feature the smallest cinema in the world as a protagonist and also the objective of experiencing animation and street arts in an unusual experience.

PUCK and the troupe

‘PUCK and the troupe’ is a new staging that is a micro festival in itself, a circus of animation and creativity. This proposal was born to celebrate the 10th anniversary of ‘PUCK Cinema Caravan’ with a deluxe billboard that offers the most acclaimed short films of the history of this caravan turned into a cinema […]

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Puck Cinema Caravana

PUCK Cinema Caravana arrives everywhere with a catalogue full of animation films, which are not easy to find on the TV. We choose short films from around the world from among the whole tireless amount of artistic background this genre has produced through its history. The PUCK menu is diverse, unique and feeds the soul.

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They have said about us...

  • "Spain’s 7-Seat Animation Theater Is Back" Cartoon Brew - 16.05.2012

  • "The Smallest Cinema on Earth Is Back" Cartoon Brew - 03.02.2011

  • "El cine más mini del mundo" El País - 12.03.2010

  • "Puck Cinema Caravana" Cartoon Brew - 10.11.2009

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We have been to...

  • PREMI POM D'OR 2017 del públic al Festival SensePortes d'Argentona

  • La Mostra. Fira de teatre infantil i juvenil (Igualada)

  • Festival FIA (Costa Rica)

  • Festival TNT (Terrassa)

  • Parc Nadal (Sabadell)

  • Festival Rochefort arts de rue (France)

  • Festival Escena Kids de Sagunt

  • Festival Imaginaria de Binefar

  • Freiburg (Alemanya)

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Puck Cinema Caravana is a project produced by

Idea original, programació de continguts i direcció artistica

Direcció executiva