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PUCK and the troupe

‘PUCK and the troupe’ is a new staging that is a micro festival in itself, a circus of animation and creativity. This proposal was born to celebrate the 10th anniversary of ‘PUCK Cinema Caravan’ with a deluxe billboard that offers the most acclaimed short films of the history of this caravan turned into a cinema theater. Not only that, we have extended it with street games and live illustration, installations that complement it creating a new format to enjoy the PUCK experience.

And it’s just that PUCK’s spirit pervades upon everything and invites us to live it intensely. With the ‘PUCK and the troupe’ format the audience can watch little short films inside of the cinema-caravan, and also can play with the stories and the characters of these films, as well as have fun and become protagonists of this endless “troupe”.

Puck Cinema Caravana

PUCK Cinema Caravana arrives everywhere with a catalogue full of animation films, which are not easy to find on the TV. We choose short films from around the world from among the whole tireless amount of artistic background this genre has produced through its history. The PUCK menu is diverse, unique and feeds the soul.

This proposal combines street art and cinema in a unique experience. Recover the experience of watch cinema in a singular way! Wake up the passion for animation! And allow yourself to enjoy for an instant of short film of all kind in a environment that will make you dream!