Puck Cinema Caravana

PUCK Cinema Caravana arrives everywhere with a catalogue full of animation films, which are not easy to find on the TV. We choose short films from around the world from among the whole tireless amount of artistic background this genre has produced through its history. The PUCK menu is diverse, unique and feeds the soul.

This proposal combines street art and cinema in a unique experience. Recover the experience of watch cinema in a singular way! Wake up the passion for animation! And allow yourself to enjoy for an instant of short film of all kind in a environment that will make you dream!

PUCK is a small itinerant cinema that goes everywhere. Even to your nearest square!

It brings the best selection of independent animation cinema from all over the world.

Before go inside the caravan and with the usher help, every group gets agree on which short film are their going to watch.

Inside the caravan there’s capacity for up to 7 persons and all their enthusiasm.

PUCK openings

When the session is about to start, PUCK welcome with one of its opening. This animation clips are made by illustrator and animator Carles Porta. Here you have them! Taste a bit of the PUCK world you are going to experience once inside.

Natures (2011)
Passa l’estiu aprop (2015)
Follies (2012)
Puck Cinema Caravana (2009)