Los hijos del Ayllu

PDA / Natalia Pérez and Mario Torrecillas (2014)


Documentary that tells the story of Flor Margarita, Flor María, Lisbeth and Jose, but at same time of the million of kids around the world that have the obligation to alternate the studies with jobs as housekeeping, taking care of their brothers, their properties or even they end doing some adult jobs.
In collaboration with the collective “La Combi” from Perú, this animated documental is one of the winners at I Certamen Fundación Telefónica Documenta.

Natalia Pérez originally studied to be a graphic designer and illustrator but then she started to produce for some animation studios and creative agencies in UK, Colombia and Spain. During these years, she was the director of PDA, where she creates animation documentary workshops with kids all over the world. Currently she works as a project coordinator in Mosaic Films in London.

Mario Torrecillas is a writer and screenwriter. His professional career started in sports; he was a Taekwondo champion and was part of the Spanish selection in at CAR of Sant Cugat.
But his path brought him to the realization of publicity, to write for films and to create comics. He also was a columnist in “El Periódico” and collaborated with RNE. His graphic novels have been published for editorials as “Santo Cristo”, “El Hijo”, “Penguin Random House and Dream Team. In 2008, he created PDA-Pequeños Dibujos Animados, an animation studio that works doing animation projects in primary school workshops with the purpose of using tools as drawing, the music and animation to make people think through children eyes.


Los hijos del Ayllu

PDA / Natalia Pérez I Mario Torrecillas. (2014)



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